Thursday, October 21, 2010

Breathe Exhibition and Vigil for Awakening

WU-SLam Performance Crew has two engagements tonight. Both will be highly worth your time, so see if you can shuffle your study schedule around and stop by for awhile.

RARA's Breathe: An Art Exhibition on Pollution
The art-school-powerhouse student group Residential Area Real Art is holding an opening for their latest show tonight from 5:00-6:30pm in the DUC Visitor's Lounge. There will be work by Wash U artists, fancypants reception food, and spoken word performances by a few of WU-SLam's own. Mayhap you'll see pollution in a new way.

Vigil for Awakening
WU-SLam poets will contribute their voices to a candlelight vigil tonight in Bowles Plaza (outside Mallinckrodt) from 7:00-8:00pm.

From the Facebook event:
"Join us in silence on Thursday as we hold a candlelight vigil for Tyler Clementi and all LGBTQIA youth who have suffered from the hatred and intolerance that exists in this country. At least five of our youth have taken their own lives in the last three weeks. We are mourning this loss and wish to contribute to a world-wide movement to acknowledge the presence of suffering LGBT youth everywhere. With strength through unity, we fight injustice."

> Breathe: An Art Exhibition on Pollution Facebook event
> Vigil for Awakening Facebook event

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