Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lost in Translation

Hello poets! This is Laura, just posting a recap of this inklings in case you missed it and would like to respond to the prompt. Sorry you missed out on the pie, but Lucy seemed to imply that she will be bringing some "special" brownies to a future inklings.

First we made a list of times in our lives we were speechless, then a list of words that sound exactly like what they mean. Then we wrote poems inspired by these awesomely untranslatable words.

Without further ado, here is the link, courtesy of stumbleupon:

[feel free to peruse my favorites while you're at it, and discover all the effed up stuff that amuses me when I should be working]

Amusez-vous bien! Dans la po├ęsie il est essentiel de trouver "le mot juste" donc c'est bien qu'il y a plein des langues dans lesquelles on peut chercher!


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