Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Inklings Prompt, 10/18: Safe Zones, Pride, and Wuslam!

1. Think about a time in your life when you felt that your safety was threatened. Free write for 10-15 minutes. Try to remember how you felt and how that made you act.

2. Read this, a more recent LGBT youth suicide case.

3.Look over this etymology of the word "bully":

Some (Potential) Etymology of the word “Bully”

In the16/17th Century: defined as “sweetheart” or used as an
expression of approval and affection

“The king's a bawcock and a heart of gold, A lad of life, an imp of
fame, Of parents good, of fist most valiant: I kiss his dirty shoe, and
from my heart-string I love the lovely bully. “
-Shakespeare's Pistol in Henry V

By mid 18th, early 19th century: made transformation
from “sweetheart” to “fine or good fellow” to: pimp or villain
(potentially an early link between the word bully and the male
exploiting the female)

Most recently: in hockey, "bullying off" is used to describe an
aggressive contest between two people: the stronger or more skilled

Other random facts about the word “bully”:
-potentially derives from the middle Dutch word “broeder,” meaning
OR could be a modification of Dutch boele ‘lover’ which, as a term of
endearment, may have originated as baby-talk.
- in the First World War “bully beef” was the staple diet of the troops
on the front. It derives from the French word bouille, tinned boiled
- Roosevelt was (supposedly) known for his joyous and explosive
exclamation "bully" which he said when he particularly enjoyed

Write down thoughts/ideas that strike you. Get poetic about it.

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