Friday, November 12, 2010

Poetry Things This Week

Dear Slamily: Get your notebooks and your cough drops and prepare yourselves for the most poetry-saturated week of excellence ever.

Friday (tonight!), 11/12 & Saturday, 11/13
For the first time WU-SLam is a part of Wash U's annual Diwali performance - so exciting! The Diwali show is organized by Ashoka (Wash U's South Asian student organization) and it combines music, dance, fashion, and theater, and now poetry. Come for a colorful multicultural experience, and see P-Crew's own Fiona O'Leary Sloan and Gabe Cralley perform a group piece on this year's theme, "Love in the Time of Partition."
Friday @ 7:00pm, Saturday @ 12:00pm & 6:30pm; Edison Theatre

Monday, 11/15


Inklings Writing Workshop as per usual. This week's prompt will be inspired by the poetry of Sierra DeMulder, who will feature in the November Slam on Friday.
8:30-10:30pm, Ursa's Fireside
Tuesday, 11/16
Louder Than a Bomb Documentary at the Tivoli
Join the WU-SLam crew at the Tivoli Theater to see this documentary about Louder Than A Bomb (LTAB), Chicago's youth slam competition. WU-SLam president Lauren Banka says, "I've seen it and it's absolutely phenomenal. Beyond being just incredibly well-made, it's really inspiring as to the real impact of poetry and slam poetry in particular on people's lives. Kevin Coval, the co-founder of LTAB, will be in town to talk about the film." Facebook event here.
7:00pm, Tivoli Theater on the Delmar Loop
(meet us at 6:15pm in Whisper's Cafe to walk down together)
Wednesday, 11/17
Poetry Workshop with Kevin Coval
Kevin Coval, Chicago poet and co-founder of Louder Than a Bomb, will host an open writing workshop this Wednesday. Kevin says, "i like intimacy. so the wednesday reading/workshop can be about new work and producing new work. it would be great to get the slammers who are rehearsing that night to be a part of it if possible. perhaps a feedback session... i would like to share some new work and talk maybe about producing new work and as a writer staying writing. it would be cool to hear from folks and offer feedback and talk about building a collection." Facebook event here.
8:00-10:00pm, DUC Room 236
Thursday, 11/18
Persian Poetry Night
WU-SLam Performance Crew has been invited to perform a few poems at a Persian Poetry Night event. More on this as soon as I hunt down the details. It sounds like quite an interesting experience.
Time & location TBA
Friday, 11/19
November Poetry Slam ft. Sierra DeMulder
This month's big shebang and this crazy week's real poetry shindig is WU-SLam's November Poetry Slam, hosted by 2009 NPS winner, Sierra DeMulder. Sierra hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she is a member of the Intangibles Spoken Word Collective. Her poetry is personal and intense and she doesn't shy away from the grotesque. In this penultimate slam of the semester, 8 poets compete for 2 slots in January's Grand Slam: you decide who moves on. Facebook event here.
7:30pm, College Hall (on the Wash U South 40 Residential Area)
Saturday, 11/20
Poetry Workshop with Sierra DeMulder
After featuring in the November Slam, the beasty poetess Sierra DeMulder will stick around to teach a writing workshop to any interested parties. Hear some wisdom from a published poet and veteran of the slam team, and get your post-slam inspiration down on paper. Facebook event here.
1:00-3:00pm, DUC Room 236

So that's our busy, busy week. There are a crap-ton of amazing opportunities crammed into just a few days - I hope there's at least one thing that fits into your schedule. If you come to nothing else, check the slam in the brand new Hogwarts-esque College Hall. There's nothing like the energy of a full house at a poetry slam.

Love, poems, squids.

> Facebook event for Louder Than a Bomb documentary
> Facebook event for Kevin Coval's workshop
> Facebook event for November Poetry Slam ft. Sierra DeMulder
> Facebook event for Sierra DeMulder's workshop

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