Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Inklings Prompt for 11/15: Instructional Poems

This week's prompt features a poem by Sierra DeMulder, the Minnesotan spoken word veteran who will be featuring in our November Slam this Friday. We also have the treat of an open writing workshop with Sierra on Saturday from 1-3pm in DUC Classroom 239. If you're excited about her work, be sure to stop by.

1. Make two lists.
  • List 5 experiences you've had that are unique to you.
  • List 5 experiences you've had that lots of people have.
2. Read through this poem by Sierra DeMulder:
At First Sight

When she stops kissing you
with her mouth open,
find the screw driver.

Buy a newly cut shank of beef.
Leave so much blood in the kitchen
she has to ask what happened.

when she stops calling you baby,
hide the silverware
between the couch cushions.

Send her there to sleep.
If she does not complain,
let the sinks in the bathroom overflow.

Bake the wedding photos
in the dryer. Stand in
the middle of your flood.

Call her name backwards, forwards.
Wave your arms like your chest is a runaway.
She is the plane you are crashing.

When she does not reach
for you, pretend
it is the first time

you’ve met.

3. Now, choose an experience from one of your two lists and write a poem giving instructions on how to live or handle that experience.

There were some breathtaking poems at Inklings last night. I take this as a good omen for our poetry-stuffed week.

I hope to see all you lovelies at the Louder Than a Bomb documentary showing tonight!
Meet at Whisper's Cafe at 6:15 to walk over as a group, OR
bring yourself to the Tivoli Theater by 7.

It's unclear how much tickets cost, but from the Tivoli website it looks like general admission is usually $9. Bring some money so you can get in.

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