Thursday, September 30, 2010

WUrkshop 1 Debrief: Silence, writer!

A small but excellent group showed up in Mudd Library last night for the inaugural meeting of WUrkshop, our new all-purpose creative writing workshop. There were no total strangers and mostly poets. But between geeking out over the Jonathan Safran Foer lecture, staging a reading of Mikkel's metafiction play, and delving into dark and turmoil-y pasts, I feel like I now know everybody a little better. Wash U has some incredible people, and I'm lucky to have met many of them.

Come by next-next Thursday, October 14th, from 8-10pm in Mudd Library for WUrkshop #2 and more beautiful writing critique.

Side note: In honor of the multi-genre nature of WUrkshop, check out the Alpha Blog for some useful ruminations on writing, critiquing, and publishing fiction. Alpha is a summer science fiction/fantasy/horror workshop for teens, whose instructors include such legends as Tamora Pierce. These kids know their stuff.

Do any of you lovely readerfolk know of useful writing resources? Drop a link in the comments.

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