Thursday, September 30, 2010

Haiku: WUrkshop starts tonight/creative writers unite/and edit real good

Hear ye, poets and fictioneers and playwrights and such like!
Tonight is the first ever meeting of WUrkshop, WU-SLam's brand new intensive creative writing workshop.
Come by Mudd Library on the Wash U South 40 from 8:00 to 10:00pm for some intense creative writing workshoppin' action.
If you're going to the Jonathan Safran Foer lecture, you will still be loved if you come in afterwards. So loved. You don't even know.

WUrkshop is WU-SLam's latest initiative (along with a few gestating things, like the regional slam and a spoken word pre-o. But keep that on the downlow). This is a big step for us in part because it's open to all kinds of creative writing - whomever come who may! We hope to fill a void within WU-SLam with a strictly writing-focused space, and also to get to know the rest of the diverse writers in the Wash U community.

A brief history: WUrkshop was initially the project of senior p-crew poet Eric Rosenbaum. He wanted to start a small, semi-underground group for people interested in honing their writing craft and otherwise geeking out about words together. However, Eric's life has been recently high-jacked by senior year, so the WU-SLam gang has taken over, for better or worse. WUrkshop is an organ of the WU-SLam animal, but in some ways it's a different beast altogether. Or it's WU-SLam's beret-clad rebel child. Or we're a colonial mission from Slam-land, venturing into literary and craft-focused territory -- venturing in search of apter metaphors.

In any case, I'm super excited to see writers from all kinds of different backgrounds come and comment on each other's work. I think a fiction writer could say some really novel things to a poet and vice versa, and the same goes for all other genres (see the Facebook event for an extensive list). Having so many uniquely discerning eyes will be indescribably baller.

WUrkshop will henceforth meet every other Thursday from 8:00-10:00pm in Mudd Library, until further notice.
I hope to see you all there, pens at the ready!

Kim is WU-SLam's Vice-President of Publicity. She is studying Communication Design and sometimes she eats vegetarian meatloaf.

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