Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inklings Prompt, 02/14/11 Valentine's Day

This prompt loves you. In fact, it would like to offer you a box of chocolates, red roses, and a creative jumpstart to your brain. That last part is sexual.

Anyway Happy Valentines Day! This prompt has two parts: the first focusing on the stereotypical abstract language of holidays/love and the second focusing on the history behind Valentine's Day in particular and the concept of traditional basis for holidays.

Unfortunately you wont be able to close your eyes as originally intended during Inklings:

Write the first concrete image that you see in your mind's eye when you read these abstract words.

1. Celebrate

2. Family

3. Sex

4. Passion

5. Tradition

6. New

7. Marriage

8. Happy

9. Holiday

10. Divorce

Wasn't that stimulating? You can stop now if you want and write about one of these abstract words using your concrete image and other related concrete language.

Now Valentine's Day isn't just for making October babies. It's generally about a Christian marrying couples during a time it was made illegal for completely rational and in no way ridiculous reasons. Long story short, he is executed. We forever rue this day and attempt to absolve ourselves by offering one another chocolates, flowers, and our genitalia.

The story I brought to Inklings can be found online anywhere by searching "Valentine's Day Legend Blind Girl" in google, or some other fancy search engine if you're a rebel. I won't copy the text into this post since it is exceedingly long.

After reading the story, reflect on the overall concept of how Valentine's Day nowadays doesn't give a shit about what happened to St. Valentine. Now take that anger that I'm sure you have now and channel it into this: write your own legend behind a real or madeup holiday and focus on how this psuedotradition has been lost amongst modern revelry.

Or write about flowers and chocolates. That's cool too.

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