Saturday, October 2, 2010

Slamily, Meet Kuumba

This sexy website is — an innovative, fresh-off-the-launch-pad site for cataloging and connecting Wash U's creative community.

The project's creative director is Wash U junior and P-Crew poet, Celso White. Hip Hop Week founder, dope-ass photographer, and traveler-of-the-world, Celso has shown extraordinary skill in bringing creative people together. His latest project is no exception. Besides the sleek web design (my inner type nerd is geeking over the logo), Kuumba offers a blog tracking creative events, a High Def video archive, and a weekly student profile.

From Kuumba's mission statement:
" aims to provide a platform for showcasing the creative talents of the Wash U student body. Each week we will profile one student, sharing his or her story and skills with the community. This profile will be dynamic; along with an interview, it will also include uploaded media content so that students who dance, rhyme, act, write, etc. can literally show our viewers what they’re up to, publicizing their work in a completely new and fresh way."
Featured among the first blast of interviews is WU-SLam's co-founder, Aaron Samuels. From the video interview with Aaron:
"I really do believe we’re making stronger people, right? If I give you the ability to stand in front of a room of two hundred people and like, be charismatic and impact them, that’s strength."
Be sure to watch the video for some wisdom from Mr. Samuels as well as some exquisite eyebrow action.

> Profile of Aaron Samuels

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