Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome, welcome, to the new WU-SLam blog! (Part 1)

Starting this September, This is My Poet Hand will update several times per week. This post is a taxonomy of the posts we have planned and will give you an idea of what's to come. (One thing to come: a second blog post listing all the WU-SLam events in the works for the year.)

So. What, you may ask, will we be yammering on about, so much oftener than before?

Topics for Yammering; or,
The Kinds of Blog Posts We Have Planned f
or the 2010-2011 School Year

Inklings Writing Prompt: Every Tuesday
Every Monday, WU-SLam holds a group free-writing and poetry-sharing session called Inklings.* Each week we respond to a new writing prompt. I think that the wider world (as well as anyone who misses an Inklings meeting) will benefit from the creative nudge of a weekly prompt, SO we will now be posting them on the blog every Tuesday.

If you want to be especially awesome, post your responses in the comments.

*Mondays from 8:00 to 10:00pm in Ursa's Fireside on the South 40, for you folks within commuting distance of Wash U campus. If you're interested, stop by! We adore new people.

WU-SLam Event Announcements
We'll let you know about all of our events before they have. This includes:
  • Poetry Slams - They happen every month during Wash U's first semester, culminating in a Grand Slam in January.
  • Performance Crew Gigs - WU-SLam P-Crew performs at many different venues throughout year, on- and off-campus. We'll tell you our whereabouts, and if you're interested, come see us perform. You'll maybe discover some other artist you love in the mean time.
  • Inklings Special Editions - Sometimes we team up with other campus groups like the Wash U Co-Op, Association of Black Students, or Olin Library to host special, themed sessions of Inklings.
  • Other WU-SLam Shows & Shindigs - Chapbook release parties, special programming like Hip Hop Week or WU-SLam's pre-orientation program, and miscellany.
Community Event Announcements
We'll also pass the word along about non-Wash U poetry events that turn up on our radar. This may include happenings in the St. Louis or National poetry scene. If you know of an event that our readers should know about, email us at
  • Links to newly uploaded videos of WU-SLam events
  • Interviews with poets who win our monthly slams
  • Photographs of WU-SLam in action

As well as assorted musings including, but not limited to,

  • Social Justice
  • Geeking Out About Stuff
  • Writine Contests You Should Enter
  • Poems, poets, books of poetry, videos, or any media that moves us to share.

If you have ideas for TiMPH blog programming, or if you're interested in guest blogging, email us at

Stay tuned for Welcome, welcome, to the new WU-SLam Blog! (Part 2), in which I'll delineate some of the events we have planned for the coming school year.

My name is Kim Frisch. I'm WU-SLam's Vice-President of Publicity, which means you'll be hearing from me a lot this year. You can contact me personally at

It's going to be a killer year.
Prepare yourselves.

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