Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Think About It

Do you put on your pants left leg first or right leg?

....Think about it.... And freeze!

Half the people reading this just pantomimed their pants dressing process! Muahahaha (evil laugh)

How about which armpit you wash first in the shower?
(I'm a righty myself - always have been) and I feel like Adam does too for some reason.

This isn't a poem for those of you still reading. Just some food for thought.

Also something a little deeper for all you romantic types:
When you fall in love which part of your heart do you give someone?

TRICK QUESTION - all of your heart dummy. That's some fallinginlovebasictrainingsurvivalkit101 stuff y'all.

Come on with ya crazy self!

1 comment:

Adam Segal said...

naw dawg, i'm pretty sure i always wash the left one first
But it's the right leg in pants.