Friday, May 14, 2010

I sat outside her office
Nerves tingling, leg jiggling
Picturing clear skies
But I was so dead-end
I was broken down carburetor engine at the side of some dirt road
Not a soul in sight
In paradise

And I was tasting things deeper that day
Hazelnuts and bananas and Nescafe
I could smell the sex thick in my sweat
Feel heat emanating between my legs
Heard my heartbeat ring her doorbell and hide behind the rosebush before she could answer

The sun
Was still sinking into my skin
My pores shrinking, darkening, then expanding again
I felt Turkish
The Bosporus was my new best friend
And I was jumping in
To this whole situation
Without thinking
The sweet strawberries from breakfast
And how her smile promised to let me in
Was about to consider hitch-hiking when the door opened
Sunlight streamed into the hallway

I wanted to let it happen
But there were no scripts for this
Just her lips for this
And my desperation
Which paved a steep downhill path
That I didn't trust
So I held back

Allowing her words to touch me
Entertaining a tangibility
Our sentences
A growing physicality
It was the first time I understood chemistry
And not only that...
But I passed with flying colors

1 comment:

Lauren said...

I think this goes to a deeper level when you talk about "feeling Turkish"... like, not just a game poem, but being about all kinds of falling in love or feeling at home or whatever. I'd be interested in seeing a draft of this with that aspect explored.